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88442 North Bank Road
Coquille, OR 97423
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88442 North Bank Road
Coquille, OR 97423
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Cloisonné is the enameling technique Hawthorne uses most, the term coming from the French word cloison, meaning an enclosed cell or area. She creates the cells by bending 24k gold, or fine silver ribbon into designs that are then adhered onto fine silver with clear glass and fired in a kiln. After that, ground glass in a variety of colors is added to the piece and then fired. Each piece can be fired up to 20 times. When Hawthorne is satisfied with the look of her layers, she then stones the piece with a lapidary stone under running water and fires once again. At this point she is ready to move on and make her settings. "With the use of enamels, I feel such freedom of expression, through imagery, symbols, and the vibrancy of color. I enjoy creating stories in many of my pieces, and I enjoy making jewelry that is fun to wear."

Hawthorne enjoys traveling and gathering ideas from diverse cultures, and she continues to grow as an enamellist and metalworker at her studio near Coquille, Oregon.