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Bandon, Oregon 97411
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PO Box 36
Bandon, Oregon 97411
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Eichelberger Construction LLC.
Practical construction for your Everyday needs to your Exotic dreams. That's what Eichelberger Construction LLC is all about.

Since 1994 Eichelberger Construction has served the Bandon area as well as the surrounding Coos and Curry Counties.

New for you the homeowner is our Home Maintenance Program. We are here to provide you with the peace of mind you may need when considering the investment you have in your current home, apartment, rental or condo. We meet with you, give you a free one hour service to go over concerns you may have regarding your home, it's possible need for repairs now or in the future, or just concerns you have regarding Mother Nature, that "Home Wrecker"!
This program works well for those with multiple properties or out of town home owners. Those who need someone to check on their home before or after the storm hits.
We are not in the home management business, but rather the damage prevention business. We provide a service that will protect your investment while saving you money and sleep all at the same time. We are a licensed & bonded Bandon Company with a Great reputation here to watch over one of the biggest investments you will ever make, Your Home. Fast, Fair and Affordable, we're here to serve you.

Big or Small we do it all! Free one hour consultation. Give us a call today at 541-347-9656.


Eichelberger Fine Furniture, Home & Garden.

Finely made furniture for your home. Customized for your personal needs.

Garden & Lawn Furniture from Adirondack chairs, picnic tables, trellised benches & More. Handcrafted by Robert Eichelberger from Cedar of the Northwest. (See more at Whistling Gallery)

Fantastic Sheds for your Garden and Storage use. If you need it he can build it!

Jay and Suzie Jacobs: Custom Home Owner: Contact # 541-551-0383
Jason Bodewig: Custom Home Owner: Contact # 541-404-6919
James & Sharon Madison: Custom Home Owner: Contact# 541-347-4463
Virgil Llewellyn: Custom Home Owner: Contact # 541-297-7071

Call Robert at 541-404-7336 for more information or go to www.whistlinggallery.com.